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5GPM 12V Bypass Electric Pump

SKU: RE-5517-2H1-63H



  • RE-5517-2H1-63H

    Type: 5 chamber diaphragm pump, self-priming, capable of being run dry 

    Open Flow: 5.3 GPM

    Delivery: Bypass

    Volts: 12VDC

    Amps: 19 Max

    Pressure Setting: 80psi /5.5bar

    Inlet/Outlet Ports: ¾" Quick Attach

    Liquid Temperature: 140°F (60°C) Max.

    Priming Capabilites: 14” (4m)

    Weight: 8 lbs (3.62 kg)

    Pump number: RE-5517-2H1-63H 

    Santoprene Diaphragms

    Made in the USA

    **Quick attach fitting sold separately**

    Spec Sheet 


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