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GNC’s Pump, Engine and Hose Reel Covers

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Protect your equipment from Sun, Rain, Dust, and Debris

These durable and adjustable poly covers will help you protect your investment. They come in two sizes and will fit a variety of configurations.

Pump&Engine Cover
Small: • 20.5″Hx24″Lx19″W
Stack/Compact P530 Pump/Engine Modules, KA43 & D30 Pump/Engine Modules and 12” – 18” Manual or Electric Hose Reels

Pump engine reel cover
Large: 19″H x 46″L x 21″W
50G Compact covers pump/engine and hose reel.

Side-by-side Pump/Engine and Hose Reel

Van or Lesco style Pump/Engine and Hose Reel space saver